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Study tour of infocentres through the Bavarian Forest
In the days of 19. and 20. June 2006 realized study tour Bohemian infocentres after Bavarian Forest. Action held under the auspices of VHS Regen in conjunction with Euregio Bohemian Forest. After arrival was practiced small seminar. Herbert Unnasch imform about activities VHS and actual and prepared projects. Susanne Wagner introduced touristic structures in Bavaria, touristic clearing - houses, marketing and fairs. Next item on the lecture was development of touristic projects (Kinderland, Hiking, GPS), education in tourism, Bavarian – ...  
50 years of European Union

The Euregio Bohemian Forest appended to celebrations of quinquagenary European union on Sunday 25. March 2007 and call together its members and reputable guests on informal sitting to the Běšiny near the town Klatovy. On the programme were documentary films with thematic turn European union and sitting participants sweeten snack in practice conventional Bavarian white sausages and pretzels. Among significant participants impeccant councilman slug limit Ing. Jiří Kalista with his wife, place - mayoress of Klatovy town Mgr. Věra Tomaierová ...  
Booklet „Partnership of towns and municipalities“

On the basis of questionnaires that the Euregio Bohemian Forest, Bavarian Forest and Mühlviertel sent round last year, was created booklet about partnership of member municipalities and towns whole of Euregio. It includes basic informations about municipalities (towns), inception of partnership and common activities and it‘s completed by photographs. Booklet would have been inspiration for the rest members of Euregio. Editor of booklet is Euregio ...  
Euregio Cup 2006 Waldkirchen
Meeting AOK and VZP CZE

Meeting AOK and VZP CZE about cross-border cooperation in public health Head point of meeting was joining of new person contacts. Cross-border activities with AOK and VZP, effort of optimal offer health care for insured from foreign countries. In consequence of Passauer university study,where was born basic idea of possibility cooperation between Bavaria and Austria. Points of issues Cooperation in two groups of insured – care for employees and family members, who have insurance in Bavaria and care for tourists, who are insured in Czech ...  

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