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Euroregion Šumava


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What is Euregio

The Euregio is formal tool for cross-border cooperation of regional organization and cities which are eventually united with partners of all social and economic regions. The oldest in this way incurred organization ( in year 1958), is Euregio on holland- germany frontier. It was the model for others similar initiatives and it‘s mark assumed new rising border areas of this kind. Euregio Bohemian Forest arose in year 1993 in Český Krumlov. It includes territory of districts Domažlice, Klatovy, Prachatice, Český Krumlov and Strakonice. At present has approximately 125 members of cities and municipality. As mentioned Euregio is cross-border structure, that external partners of Euregio Bohemian Forest are Euregio Bayerischer Wald–Unterer Inn in Bavaria and Regionalmanagement Mühlviertel in Upper Austria. Euregio Bohemian Forest forms together with those partners one cross-border unit. Main activities of the Euregio Bohemian Forest are:  to improve the quality and co-ordinate of cross-border cooperation,  show region,  information exchange,  administration of Dispositional Fund INTERREG IIIA,  attendance at formation of policy development and programmes EU. Office of Euregio Bohemian Forest is in Běšiny near the town Klatovy and together with Regional Developing Agency Bohemian Forest in Stachy try to complete these aims. Actual exits are e.g. production of advertising materials Bohemian Forest or participation on fairs etc. Examples of actual projects and activities of Euregio Bohemian Forest you find on web pages www.euregio.cz and current informations to Dispositional Fund you find on pages of Regional Developing Agency www.rras.cz. Advantages of membership of Euregio Bohemian Forest we offer complete informative service to municipalities we supply informations about topical problems from activities of Euregio Bohemian Forest to municipality, informations about prepared regions and criteria in projects Phare CBC, INTERREG IIIA in years 2004 - 2006 and at present for Objective 3 on period 2007 - 2013, we further offer intervention primary contacts for interested person about cross-border cooperation between municipalities on Bavarian, Austrian and Czech side (cross-border cooperation is necessary for draw from programme INTERREG IIIA), we offer technical assistance by feeding all sorts of projects through Regional Developing Agency and consultancy in the disposition area, process and interpretation of project, help through commissions of Euregio Bohemian Forest, namely in the area of tourism, economic and regional development, in education and culture, oecology and environment and agriculture and forestry, show of all the region on fairs, propagation materials, more actual informations you find on www.euregio.cz

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